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This mod lets an admin put max count values on any creatures they want, it won't remove mobs but it will stop the game autospawning those mobs higher than the value set.

This max count seems to also include GM wanded and bred creatures, so keep that in mind if you add horsies to the list.

You can add as many ids as you want, if you are really keen you can list every creature ID.


mobmaxes=[id],[max count];[id],[max count]; ...
No spaces, use comma between mobid and max count then use semicolon to seperate for next mobid and max count



Id 10 is black wolf, id 12 is brown bear [1].

For a full reference of creature IDs, check: List_of_Wurm_Creatures


Download mod:!AjnBltNOSFjCgm1CgrVce73g0-Go?e=Nu9cxf

Forum thread:


  1. Editor's note: This will set a maximum of 50 black wolves and 200 brown bears.